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Friday Five: Easter Edition

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Waking up and seeing what the Easter Bunny left me was always more appealing to me than seeing what Santa had left. This was partially because I have a huge sweet tooth and the Easter Bunny is all about candy. This is CJ’s first Easter and, as with every other holiday, we wanted to make sure it was special. Here is a list of five fantastic Easter treats. Enjoy!


1. Plush Spring Minnie and Mickey Bunny –  these super soft bunny rabbits are beyond adorable. I was in our local Disney Store the first day these were released and CJ was waving at them and reaching for them. There was no doubt in my mind that they would make their way toward her basket.

1258000441805-1$14.95 at the Disney Store

2. Minnie Mouse Easter Basket –  Sometimes, I think of a theme and I run with it. Most of the time, I go overboard. That is not always a bad thing and this basket proves it. Who wouldn’t want to see all their Easter goodies wrapped up in here?  In addition to Minnie, this seller also has a Sully basket. It might be too late to get it in time for Easter, but there is always next year.


$25 via Etsy

3. Winnie the Pooh: Springtime With Roo Blu-Ray/DVD –  After the extremely long and lingering Winter we have had, a little dose of Springtime, even if it is on the television, is very welcome. This adorable video is perfect for the whole family to watch Easter morning.


$18.49 at Target

4. The Easter Buggy – My favorite non-candy Easter goodies will always be books. I could never get enough of reading as a child and I hope CJ will be the same way. There are so many great titles out there for every holiday and Easter is no exception. Cars fans will love this book and there is a bonus – it includes stickers!


$4.99 at Barnes and Noble 

5. The Grand Floridian Easter Egg Display –  In a perfect world, we would be in Disney World right now enjoying the warm weather and the annual Easter egg display at The Grand Floridian Resort. However, since we have two weeks before we get to Disney World for our vacation, we will stalk instagram and the Disney Parks blogs to see as many photos of these amazing edible creations.

EGG151515SMALLTangled Egg on display at the Grand Floridian



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