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Create Museum Worthy Art From Your Couch

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Before CJ was born, I volunteered at the Museum of Modern Art in their Materials Art Lab. It was a great experience. Children of all ages would come and learn about the various materials that artists use to create their art. One of the highlights of the lab was the Microsoft digital painting software that allowed users to virtually draw or paint on the computer’s touch screen. There were different brushes you could choose, as well as a blurring effect and watercolor and charcoal options – all the tools needed to make the digital image look like a physical work of art. Everyone loved this software. In fact, man y people were upset that we did not offer printing for the digital images because they were so happy with the digital art that was created.

This week, MoMA released their Art Lab iPad App, which utilizes similar software to help budding artists create digital art. The app is intended for ages 7 and up, but there is an audio component for children who are not yet reading, so with proper adult supervision any child can create! In addition to painting and drawing, users can learn about art works at the MoMA and the artists who created them. Now, all I need is an iPad and I am set!



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