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Vans x Star Wars

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A few weeks ago, I was walking through the mall and I saw this sign.

STAR WARS VANS! Without seeing them, I wanted them all. However, I resigned myself to one pair.

Since I have small feet, I usually buy boys’ sneakers because they are cheaper. Unfortunately, the boys’ sneakers for this collection stop at size 3 (I wear a 4). I was a little upset because the boys’ Storm Trooper sneakers are awesome.

So instead, my hunny got me the womens’ Storm Trooper Vans. They have a really cute bandana print. The design is subtle, so you don’t really notice them at first……but when you do, you can’t stop staring at how great they are.

Because we pre-ordered the sneakers, we received a limited edition Darth Vader figurine from Funko. There’s also a Boba Fett figurine (I’m still plotting how to make him mine).Both are wearing classic checkered Vans and carrying decks.


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There are ten adult designs in the collection – including a Hawaiian Yoda print that comes in both the sneakers and a backpack. For all the sneaker collectors out there, there’s a limited edition Vault collection that features an ATAT print, but those will set you back about $100, if you can find them.



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