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Happy Summer. We were inspired buy our favorite kid to make our Summer 2014 Bucket list. Since we don’t want our summer to be spent wishing the days away until our trip to Disney World in September, we want to fill our days with fun, culture and plenty of outdoor fun.  CJ is old enough to enjoy lots of attractions and experiences, but since she is not walking yet, she can be pushed around in the stroller (and we don’t have to worry about running after her). Our list is filled with things we hope will make for a memorable three months.


  • Have a picnic in Central Park
  • Ride Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn
  • Take CJ to the zoo for the first time
  • Try a new recipe every week (this is probably hardest for me since I do not like to cook or try new foods)
  • Visit the High Line
  • Go to Photoville in Brooklyn
  • Go to the Bastille Day Fair and give CJ her first french macaron
  • Visit Dia: Beacon
  • Go cherry/strawberry picking
  • Go to Governor’s Island
  • Disney Bound every weekend until we leave for Disney World!!!!
  • See King Lear in Central Park
  • Spend a day in Seaside Heights
  • Dress CJ up in her Alice in Wonderland costume and take photos at the bronze statue in Central Park
  • Get my permit (yes. I do not drive. Baby steps. Permit this summer and driving by the winter? It could happen)
  • Continue training for the Walk Disney World Enchanted 10K
  • Finally, make CJ’s first year scrapbook

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?


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