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Art Lessons: Savanna Rodriguez

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Savanna Rodriguez is the super talented 25 year old artist behind one of my favorite Instagram accounts @artsavanna. Just from stalking following her IG, I know we would be great friends. We already have so much in common. We are both married with one child. We love all Disney characters, but Tinkerbell holds a special place in our hearts. And we both want to work for Disney. Savanna aspires to work for them as an artist and with her talent, I definitely see it happening! Oh, and Savanna can sing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.39.31 AM

Savanna works primarily in small scale. It is amazing the attention to detail she has, even when painting tiny lockets and canvases. Savanna is a self taught artist. Although she took a few art classes in junior high school, Savanna has honed her craft on her own. Most of her paintings are of traditional Disney characters and scenes, but occasionally, Savanna will surprise you. Case in point: her reimagined Haunted Mansion stretching portraits. Savanna’s version is a crossover with characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I truly believe that Sally was meant to be the Girl on a Tightrope.

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Savanna has a large Instagram following, and unlike many artists, she has no problem with fans using her work as inspiration for their own. In fact, she frequently showcases the art that others have made based on her work. Savanna loves “knowing that others feel encouraged to try something new.” Her outlook is refreshing and one that other artists should adapt because it forges a sense of community and encouragement, rather than competition. Savanna does commissions, so if you are looking for a new piece of art or jewelry, check out her etsy store. For those of you on Instagram, follow her. You will not be disappointed.



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  1. Thank you so very much! I don’t know how to say how much I love this article and the kind things that were said about me! Thank you!


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