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Happy Birthday Alice

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Today marks the 63rd anniversary of the release of Alice in Wonderland. The Disney film was based on Lewis Carrols’ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with some aspects of Through the Looking-Glass. Walt wanted to turn the book into a film from the time he was 21 and his version is one of 20 adaptations of the story. 220px-Alice_in_Wonderland_(1951_film)_poster
I love Alice. Most days I feel quite like Alice- nothing makes sense and I feel like I have landed in another world. It is not always the best feeling, but you embrace it and start to love the nonsense. Plus, as Alice, there are 364 unbirthdays during the year, which is plenty to celebrate! May your dad be filled with nonsense and unbirthday celebrations!
CJ excited to celebrate her first Halloween as Alice in Wonderland


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