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Genie, you’re free

When I was little, I was convinced that I was hatched from an egg. I explained to my mother that, when she was pregnant with me, I was in her belly, safe in an egg, watching television and waiting patiently to be born. This went on for several years. Most people just considered me to be a strange child. My parents knew that this idea was a direct result of watching my favorite show, Mork and Mindy.

Even as a child, I was well aware of Robin Williams’ comedic genius. We grew up watching him pour himself into his characters. He was believable in every role, but even more than being believable, with every character he had this amazing ability to make you feel compassion for his characters. You did not simply watch Robin Williams – you felt him. You were going thru what he was going thru. You were Peter Pan realizing  where your happy place was. You were John Keating watching your students stand up to their principal. You were Dr. Sean Maguire telling the story of meeting the love of his life. You were  Patch Adams lifting the spirits of sick children. You were the Genie of the lamp longing for freedom.

I may love Up and Wall–E, but my favorite movie ever is Aladdin. I joked when I was pregnant with CJ that if she was a boy, his name would be Aladdin. Until I was 26, I had an Aladdin bedspread and wall stickers. I can stand in front of you and act out every single part of that movie and sing every song in it. Robin Williams brought the Genie to life. NO ONE else could have ever played him. No one else could have ever been that funny and compassionate – the two qualities that Genie epitomizes and Robin Williams will forever be know for having.

As someone who suffers from depression, it scares me to know that such a talented and famous man fell victim to the disease and felt the only way out was to take his life. I understand that feeling. I have been there before and I am thankful that I was given a second chance at life. Some may view this as a coward’s way out but others know that sometimes you reach your lowest point and there seems to be no hope and the pain is too much to handle. The funniest man on the planet was so sad and could no longer take his pain, so he left this world. I hope he is smiling where he is now and free from whatever plagued him. His gift of laughter gave so many people hope. I wish we could have done the same for him. Gift_Aladdin
Oh Captain! my Captain! Our fearful trip is done


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