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Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts

We love the Haunted Mansion in Disney World. You might even say that we are slightly obsessed with it. It is a ride that we must go on numerous times each trip to MK. In fact, one of the reasons that I bought a sewing machine and want to learn to sew is so that I can make the most fabulous tightrope walker costume ever! CJ has been on the ride several times and we are pretty proud that she likes it so much and is not afraid.


We were excited to have our photos taken with the Hitchhiking Ghosts at MNSSHP in September. This was one of our “must-dos” of the party, along with meeting Jack and Sally. The line was very short, so I assume that a lot of people did not know about this feature offered by the photo pass photographers. The photographer was located on the walkway in front of Rapunzel’s bathroom (across from Peter Pan’s Flight) right before the Haunted Mansion. I did not see a photographer in this location during any of our other Days in the Magic Kingdom, so I assume this is a Halloween Party exclusive.

Unfortunately, we missed the opening of the Haunted Mansion shop, Memento Mori, by a week. You can check out some photos of the new store here. The merchandise looks great and it is definitely an incentive for us to book our next trip!  The Disney Store has a pretty good collection of Haunted Mansion items for those of us who cannot get to Memento Mori.



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