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Friday Five: Getting the Perfect Shot

Happy Friday! Whether I am on vacation or just spending time with loved ones, I am always taking pictures. Photography is not only my job, but also something I am very passionate about. I love to learn new techniques and see other photographers work. You do not always need a fancy DSLR camera to take good photos. I have taken some amazing ones with my iphone. Here are my 5 picks to help you get some great shots with your iPhone. Have a happy weekend!

1. Power Wallet: There is nothing worse than being in a gorgeous setting and surrounded by beauty with no power on your phone to get the photo. The power wallet solves that problem. A high powered battery in a lightweight wallet is there whenever you  need it. It is a fully functional wallet with room for credit cards, id, and money that charges your phone (apple or android) up to 160%. It comes in polka dots or faux leather.


$79.99 at Photojojo

2. Togo Powerboost keychain: If you are looking for a more compact, less expensive charger, the powerboost keychain is a great alternative. It provides a 30% boost to your battery, so if you need a charge in an emergency, there is one right at your fingertips.


3. Muku Shutter Remote:  Selfies are cute, but sometimes you need a photo that wasn’t taken at arms length. When there is no one to take your photo, or you want to be part of the group shot, you need a shutter release remote. The Muku remote can release from up to 30 feet away, so large groups or beautiful scenery can all be in the frame.


$39.00 on Amazon

4. Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens: If you are serious about using your iphone for photography, then, just as you would need different lenses for your DSLR, you need lenses for your phone. The Olloclip features a fish eye, wide angle and 2 macro lenses, so all of your photography situations are covered.


$69.99 at B& H Photo and Video

5. Waterproof Underwater Casing: Perfect for the summer at the beach or pool and vacations at theme parks, the underwater phone case allows you to go 195 feet underwater without ever worrying about ruining your phone. The case offers full access to all of the buttons so your camera and video functions are readily available.


$189.99 at Shooting Underwater


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