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Friday Five: Happy Halloween

Happy All Hallows’ Eve. Halloween is a big deal in our house. There are two ways to do Halloween. There is the cute costume, get some candy and be in bed before the big kids come out way. Then there is my way. Watching horror movies all month until you can’t sleep and then going out late and raising some H. E . double hockey sticks. What better way to get into the mood than revisiting the most terrifying disney villains of all time? Here is our Halloween Friday five!

1. Lady Tremaine: Cinderella’s Step Mother: what could be worse than this lady? Her cat is named after the devil (Lucifer). LT makes Cinderella a slave, forcing her into doing all the chores waiting on the two step sisters and even her demon pet. Then LT gives her the glimmer of hope that she might go to the ball only to let the step sisters tear her dress to pieces as they were about to leave. Let’s not forget the most overlooked detail: there are no magical powers at work here. Tremaine could 100% exist in the real world.


2. Stromboli: This villain has only a few minutes of screen time, but is not easily forgotten. I still have nightmares about this wine soaked, villainous Italian. He is larger than life, charming a true showman with a rage inside him rivaled only by his appetite. He buys Pinocchio and locks him up with the sole purpose of using the wooden boy to make money. Stromboli wants all that he can get from Pinocchio and once he gets too old, he intends to use him as firewood.


3. Maleficent: The darkest of the dark, Maleficent can turn into a dragon or whatever else she wants and has the coolest sidekick in her Raven (Diablo). If those fools just invited her to the party, then maybe she would not have cursed the royal family. Personally I would do anything to stay on her good side.


4. Chernabog: This Demon King of the mountain  torments the town in the valley by raising the dead. Fantasia’s “Night on Bald Mountain” segment is absolutely terrifying and can give adults nightmares all these years later. Chernabog controls fire and brimstone and makes it rain down on the people below.


5. Oogie Boogie: Don’t let his singing voice fool you. Mr. Boogieman himself is nothing short of pure evil. Being the worst of the worst in Halloweentown really says something. He has not one redeeming quality  ok maybe one he can belt it out) and his insides are made of bugs. He was spawned straight from the darkest parts of our nightmares and wants to take Sandy Claws down.


Have a safe and Happy Halloween!




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