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Christmas Time is Here

Ever since I was pregnant, I had this vision of a tiny pink Christmas tree with gold decorations that was just for CJ. When I was younger, I had my own separate tree in my room and I wanted the same for her. After searching for well over a year, I was about to give up. All of the small trees were either too expensive, too scrawny looking, or the wrong color pink. I finally found the perfect tree on eBay – a pale pink Barbie one.

Since most of CJ’s Christmas gifts are from some awesome handmade shops on Instagram and Etsy, I wanted to continue with giving her a handmade Christmas. So, I made all of her decorations with a Disney twist. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. I kept a mint/pink/gold palette and a Disney theme. I made the star topper, the garland, the tree skirt, and the gold ball mouse ornaments. The adorable crochet ornament was an early Christmas present.
CJ loves her tree. She is very eager to point out every “Ninnie” (yup) on it. I hope to continue making new ornaments for it every year. I know I am getting much more enjoyment out of this right now than she is, but seeing how excited she gets, makes me happy……plus, I really love to use my glue gun.





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