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Happy New Year

The beginning of the year is normally a time for resolutions. It is a time to reflect on the mishaps you may have had last year and figure out how to fix them or not make them again. It is a time to “change” into the person you want to become. For the last 20 years, I have had the same resolution – learn how to drive. Last year, I got one step closer, I got a learner’s permit. This year, it could happen, but I am not making it my resolution.

Instead of making resolutions this year, I am making goals. A resolution is simply a decision to do something or the act of solving a problem. A goal is something you want so bad and have to work to achieve. I don’t want to resolve to do something or change into someone. I want to accomplish my goals. I once read that defining goals will help you achieve the life you want for yourself because setting goals gives your life direction.

2015 is a big year for me. I will finally be graduating in May from the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Art Market graduate program. I have been a part of this program for almost five years. While most students are full time and graduate after two years, between working full time and having CJ, I attended part time. It has been been bittersweet to see my classmates graduate and go on to work in such wonderful environments. Every September, I find myself missing my former classmates and getting to know new ones. I am finally at the end and can hopefully, move on to my dream job (more about this another time).

My goals for this year are simple.
1- Graduate
2- Grow this blog’s readership
3- Turn my photography into a profitable business
4- Apply for and attain dream job

These goals are my motivation to work harder prioritize my life. They will not fall into my lap, but because I want them so bad, I will work my butt off to get them. Goal achievement requires commitment, which is something I often find myself lacking, but with the clock ticking, I just don’t feel like I have anymore time to waste. So, here is to 2015 and achieving my goals.


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