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May the Fourth Be With You

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Hello! After a long hiatus, I’m ready to jump back into this blog. School is almost over and CJ’s 2nd birthday party went off without a hitch (more on that later this week). A lot has happened in the past few months. My family was supposed to move to Orlando because my husband got a job for Disney! However, we decided (very regrettably) that it was not the right move for us at this time. So, needless to say,it’s been intense!

We are huge Star Wars fans, so we decided to get to our local Disney Store to celebrate since we could not be in Hollywood Studios to celebrate this year. It was a pretty exciting morning for CJ (ok she was happy to be in the “Minnie Mouse store” and I was beyond thrilled). We were the first people at the store and she got to open it with the magic key. To commemorate the event, CJ was given a special miniature key ornament. I purchased a pretty cute Storm Troopers watch to match my Vans and I got a free May the 4th pin. So basically, it was the best day ever.




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