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Dumbo the Great!

Full confession, I love planning photo shoots for CJ. I am always on the hunt for perfect accessories and costumes to execute them. My husband thinks I am insane and I’m waiting for the day he snaps. He’s always carrying something ridiculous (like a 3 foot tall stuffed pooh doll) to help me, so I wouldn’t blame him. 

CJ has become obsessed with Dumbo over the last few months, so it was logically the next shoot I would have to do. I borrowed the costume from my cousin, and brought CJ’s tent, Timothy Q. Mouse doll, and a bag of  peanuts to a local park that has a beautiful barn that reminds me so much of the Casey, Jr. train cars. The photos were so fun. CJ loved feeding peanuts to Timothy and was so excited to be dressed as Dumbo. Every person that passed by was greeted with, ” Hi. I Dumbo!” 

With Halloween  and Christmas approaching, I have many more ideas in mind. I’m also working on offering themed mini sessions in the NY/NJ area…….but more on that later.  Here’s a little peak at Dumbo. I will be posting more this week on our Instagram account @growingupmainstreet.  



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